Sunshine and family are two of my favourite things, and that's exactly what our vacation was filled with. At the end of February Matt and I hopped on a plane to Florida where we met my family for a week of sunshine, canoeing, Disney, family, and fun. 

We started out the week by heading down to Juniper Springs National Park for a day of canoeing and swimming. On our trip we saw a whole lot of turtles and a ten foot crocodile. We narrowly escaped the croc and continued down the winding river! 

Cocoa Beach was the next stop on the road. We spent the day soaking in the sunshine (by that I mean getting burned) and swimming in the ocean. On our way out we took a stroll down the pier, where we discovered we had been swimming about a hundred feet away from a group of three sharks... Yikes! Thankfully no one was eaten. 

We spent the next couple days hanging out at Disney World & Universal Studios. Matt was thrilled to meet some of his heroes including storm troupers and the grinch. 

A day of rain called for an indoor activity so we checked out the Florida Science Centre. 

And that brings us to our last day in Florida. We drove down to see the manatees and then made our final stop at St. Pete's Beach where we spent the whole day swimming and sunning. We stayed until sunset so we could take advantage of the view. 

That brings us to the end of a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping by and checking out a little bit of our vacation!